The Ultimate in Horse Stall Flooring!

StableComfort™ is a non-draining stall flooring system. By removal of bacteria-causing waste from the stall, ammonia levels are significantly reduced. Muck-out time is greatly reduced as well due to the element of comfort being built into the system. Through the savings on bedding, labor, maintenance and veterinarian costs, this system pays for itself in a very short time while providing unbeatable comfort for your horse!

Benefits for Horse & Human!

StableComfort allows you to save Time!  Less time spent cleaning stalls, no...

05th Feb

Your Horse Deserves the Best!

Horses on StableComfort stall flooring are encouraged to lie down to rest...

31st Jan
Mare and Foal on StableComfort

Go Green with StableComfort!

How Does StableComfort Help You Go Green?    + StableComfort Mattresses are...

30th Jan